Tick & Skeeter Deleter FAQ

1. Is this product safe for pets?
  • Yes, this product is a 25(b) exempt pesticide made of all natural essential oils and will not harm people, pets, or the environment when used as directed.
2. Where do we purchase the product?
  • You can purchase the product directly on our website, and we ship directly to your door.
3. What are the active ingredients?
    • The active ingredients include:
    • Cedar Oil
    • Citronella Oil
    • Lemongrass Oil
    • Rosemary Oil
    • Peppermint Oil
4. How do you apply this product?
  • This product can be applied with either a backpack mist blower, a high-pressure tank sprayer with a JD9 gun, or a traditional backpack pump sprayer.
5. What are the application rates?
    • The application rates are as follows:
    • Mist Blower: 1oz per gallon of water
    • Tank Sprayer: 1oz per 5 gallons of water
    • Backpack Sprayer: 1oz per gallon of water
6. Where do we spray this product?
  • This product is meant to be applied on the entire outdoor property, including lawns, trees, shrubs, flower beds, mulch/wood chip areas, playgrounds, property perimeter, and wooded areas.
7. Is this just a repellent?
  • No, the product effectively targets insects upon contact, functioning both as a lethal agent and a repellent once dried. Any insects present on the property during application will be promptly managed, with residual repellency lasting up to 21 days. Ticks, being terrestrial crawlers, are effectively controlled during application. Additionally, mosquitoes present on the property at the time of treatment will be addressed. While there is a possibility of post-application mosquito influx, the repellent properties mitigate this occurrence. Ultimately, the product delivers comprehensive tick control and mosquito reduction benefits.